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Thanks to the mentors and teachers

ABOVE: Kerry and little Stella

I've been lucky. Very lucky. As a midlife career changer having good teachers and mentors has really helped me stay sane. After so many years as a non-profit worker-bee, which was a world I fell into after working in theater for many years, I was exhausted. I had always loved the behind the scenes tasks of the theater, especially makeup, hair and costumes and I decided it was now or never, go for it, become a professional makeup artist! Work in film and television! Do cool artistic photo shoots with cool photograpers!

But how does one do that?

Research became my first step. And happily after a year of searching I found a truly great teacher. Emmy Award nominated artist, Kerry Herta, of Colour Box Makeup Studios. I signed up for their 1 week Makeup Bootcamp in Portland, and my life has been a whirlwind ever since! Students in that class, and the many Colour Box Makeup Studio classes I have taken since then, were often already working professionals in beauty and special effects makeup. They were looking for some fresh ideas and updated information on how things are really done for HD camera work on big budget film and television productions, and they found it with Kerry.

A good teacher will push you, while encouraging you. They will actively pursue their own continued education and development. They are willing to share their expertise, with tips and tricks that would otherwise take years to develop.

Because of that first experience with Kerry Herta I have had the privelidge to learn from other industry talents, Emmy Award Winning Hair Stylist, Joe Matke and Jason Collins, Special Effects Designer and owner of Autonomous/FX, Inc. I have been able to network with my teachers, other students, sharing jobs, helping each other update our promo, asking advice. It can be lonely out there, but with a good group of collegues and mentors it can be less so.

Thank you, Kerry, and all the other big hearted artists out there!

Walk in Your Beauty!


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