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Let me teach you how to create your personal look.

On average we spend $244 a month on makeup and skincare, that's almost $3,000 a year! I'm a makeup pro and can steer you toward the products that do what you need, while staying within your budget.

You buy hundreds of dollars of skincare and makeup but nothing seems to work? Let me help you.

You'll start with Makeup Bag Makeover, during your 90 minute session we will edit what you have, then do a bit of personal shopping to fill in any products you need. Throw away the old stuff that's not working; make space for things that do.


Zoom meetings are your new way of doing business?


I can teach you the 5-Minute Face so you look polished and like you care. In 90 minutes you will learn pro tips like how to hold your brushes, how to mix custom colors, how to sanitize your products and tools so that they last.


If makeup has always been a mystery to you, and you want products that help your skin look fresh and healthy and makeup that doesn't make you look too made up. Ageless Beauty is a great next step, and for a quick change of season pick me up, book your half-hour Seasonal Shopping update.

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Bridal Makeup

DIY Bride


Micro-wedding? Want to do it yourself? Are you a bride overwhelmed by Covid restrictions? Book DIY Bride and learn how to pamper yourself, and create a bridal look that will have you glowing down the aisle, and in your photos. You will learn all the tips and tricks that I as a pro makeup artist use every day. What products to use for a flawless finish on camera and in-person. How to prep your skin so you glow from within. Pre-wedding skincare routines that you can carry with you for the rest of your beautiful life. Weddings are a blessing, let me help you.

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Makeup and skincare can be filled with mystery. Our skin changes with the seasons, and as we age. Let me guide you to the products and techniques that really work to improve skin, hide flaws, and simply bring out your beauty. Your 90 minute session will be chock full of pro tips and techniques just for you. We will do some detective work to see what you've been spending your money on. Then find better products  that can boost your beauty impact and style. Learn the proper way to conceal, how to use blush to look fresh, not fake, why brows are really a woman's best friend, and the combinations that revive your skin.

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Cosmetic Products

Makeup Bag Makeover


We use what we have in our makeup bags, we become attached, I admit I hung onto an eye shadow pallet I'd had since graduation simply because it brought back great memories. Yikes! We can do better for ourselves. Using outdated makeup and skincare is not only going to keep us in a rut, but it's unsafe. Let's minimize your bag, freeing you up to do more with your money and with more impact, and teach you how to use and care for your investment. Let's get gorgeous!

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